Peabody Award

Onion News Network


Todd and the team at Onion News Network were awarded the prestigious Peabody Award in 2008









New York Television Festival 


Directed by Todd Bieber

WINNER Best Director


Escape From Brooklyn

Directed by Todd Bieber

WINNER Best Web Series










Let's Kill the Web Series

by Todd Bieber

Published by Filmmaker Magazine

Todd Bieber Filmmaker

Pursuit of Sexiness
Directed by Todd Bieber

"One of the Best Web Series of the year" - Variety











Gritty Justin Bieber

Directed and Written by Todd Bieber

“Best Online Video of 2011”

Willful Ignorance
Directed and Co-Written by Todd Bieber

“Best Political Parody of 2010”










The Economics of Internet Comedy Videos

Interview with Todd Bieber

by Splitsider


Why Every Brand is Hilarious Right Now
Interview with Todd Bieber

by Mashable



Brooklyn Found Film

Directed by Todd Bieber

“YouTube’s Greatest Adventure”  

- TIME Magazine









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